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Marketer Service FAQ

Q9 .  

Q1. What transportation related tariffs does CNG offer to Marketers?

A1. CNG currently has four transportation related tariffs available to Marketers. The Transportation Receipt Service (TRS) tariff covers operational activities such as pooling, Operational Flow Orders (OFOs), nominations, imbalance trading, capacity release, Marketer credit requirements, and customer enrollment issues. The Optional Balancing Service Rider (BAL) tariff covers balancing (daily, monthly, and annually), and cash outs provisions. The Optional Standby Service Rider(STB) tariff covers the terms and conditions under which standby service is provided to Marketers. Finally, the Optional Storage Service Rider(STO) tariff covers provisions related to storage service.

Q2. What action must I take to become an approved Marketer in CNG's service area?

A2. In order to sell natural gas to end users located in CNG's service area you must receive a Natural Gas Seller Registration Number from the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC). The DPUC Registered Marketer List as well as the Natural Gas Seller Registration Request Form are available on the DPUC web site. Additionally, CNG maintains a CNG Registered Marketers List for Customers that includes Marketer contact information and indicates which registered Marketers are currently active (serving Customers) and which are not.

Prior to delivering gas to CNG's service area you must complete a supplier affidavit that
states that you will maintain sufficient firm gas supplies and firm interstate pipeline
capacity to meet the Aggregated Daily Delivery Quantities (ADDQ) of Pools comprised
of firm Customers that you will be serving. CNG has prepared a Supplier Affidavit Form for your use that should be printed on your company's letterhead. Additionally, you will be required to complete a State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate, complete a CNG Operator Credit Application, and meet CNG's credit requirements. If you plan on being active in CNG's service area, please return these three completed forms to:

Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation
Attn: Gas Transportation Services
P.O. Box 1500
Hartford, CT 06144-1500

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Q3. Which interstate pipelines serve CNG, and how can I determine which pipeline serves a particular customer?

A93. CNG is physically served by Algonquin Gas Transmission Company (AGT) and Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP). CNG has prepared a Pipeline and Gate Station (no link) report to assist gas marketers in appropriately determining which pipelines and gate stations physically serve customers located in CNG's service areas. If you would like a copy of this report please contact CNG's Transportation Hotline 860-727-3300 or CNG's Toll-Free Transportation Hotline at 866-536-9434.
Q4. What transportation service tariffs does CNG offer to its Customers?

A4. CNG currently has four transportation tariffs available for its commercial, industrial, and residential (with six or more dwelling units served through a single meter) customers who wish to either evaluate the use of a third-party supplier or actively participate in CNG's transportation market. The Interruptible Transportation Service (IS) tariff is a market based rate that is available for customers who do not require firm supply and distribution services. The Large General Service(LGS) tariff is available to customers who use over 30,000 Ccf per year and require both firm supply and firm distribution services. The rate design of the LGS tariff is typically better suited for a large user with a predictable and stable (high load factor) usage pattern. The General Service (GS) tariff is available to customers who use between 5,000 and 30,000 Ccf per year that require both firm supply and firm distribution services. The Small General Service(SGS) tariff is available to customers who 5,000 Ccf or less per year. Finally, the Residential Multi-Dwelling Service(RMDS) tariff is available to multi-family residential customers where the number of dwelling units served though a single meter is six (6) or more and require both firm supply and firm distribution services.


Q5. How can I get information on a customer I may be interested in serving?

A5. CNG has created an internet application to assist CNG customers in "shopping" for a natural gas supplier. This application retrieves pertinent information from CNG's Customer Information System (CIS). The information includes up to 24-months of historic usage information including billing periods, Internal Tariff Codes, consumption, degree days, and CNG gas charges (exclusive of late payment charges and charges related to equipment services that CNG offers). This 24-Month Billing History application can be accessed directly by customers or by Marketers if the Customer provides you with information unique to their latest bill.

Q6. Does CNG require telemetering equipment for Customers participating in its transportation programs?

A6. Yes with the exception of the Residential Multi-Dwelling Service (RMDS) and Small General Service(SGS) tariffs. CNG requires that all customers with charges or tariff provisions that are predicated upon measured daily usage have telemetering equipment on their gas meters. There are incremental charges associated with the cost of the telemetering equipment, and there may be charges associated with the installation and maintenance of the associated phone line. CNG has prepared a Telemetering Requirements report to assist both marketers and customers in understanding this aspect of CNG's service offerings.


Q7. How can I get information on a customer I may be interested in serving?

A7. CNG has a password secured web application that allows Marketers to retrieve their telemetered Customer's daily usage. This application allows Marketers to view the daily usage for all their customers, on a pool by pool basis, or for individual accounts. Additionally, daily usage at the account level can be downloaded electronically through this web application.

Q8. How will I know how much gas to nominate to serve non-telemetered customers?

A8. The amount of gas required to serve Pools comprised of RMDS and SGS customers is determined by an algorithm. This algorithm is run whenever CNG receives an updated weather forecast (at least 4 times daily) or weather verification from its weather service provider. The results of running this algorithm are provided to Marketers who are serving RMDS and SGS customers under the password protected area of this web site.

Q9 . Once I have reached an agreement with a Customer to provide natural gas supply service, what steps must I take with CNG to commence service

A9. You or the Customer will need to submit a Transportation Election Agreement (TEA) to CNG. This TEA serves as both a request form and agreement to receive transportation Service under the Third-Party Supplier Service Option. Customers requesting service under a telemetered tariff (IS, GS or LGS) should submit the TEA to CNG once a phone line has been installed or an extension has been run to CNG's gas meter. Prior to service commencement CNG must receive a signed TEA, install the telemetering equipment (if applicable), and receive a nomination from your company.

Q10. When can Customers commence transportation service?

A10. Transportation service can commence for IS, SGS, GS or LGS customers on their normal meter reading dates (which will be provided by CNG), once all of the tariff requirements have been met. Prior to service commencement the Customer and Marketer must have met the availability requirements to transport and must have submitted a gas nomination that supports the incremental load associated with the new customer(s) that the Marketer will be serving. See Rate TRS (Transportation Receipt Service) section 13 "Nomination Services" for more information on gas nomination requirements and deadlines.


Q11. If I have any additional questions, whom may I contact?

A11. CNG has established a Transportation Services area to administer CNG's transportation programs. Transportation Analysts are available to answer your questions and can be reached via:

Transportation Hotline: (866) 536-9434
Facsimile: (860) 727-3111

 U.S. Mail/Fedex:
Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation
Attn: Gas Transportation Services
77 Hartland Street
1st Floor
East Hartford, CT 06108


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