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Natural gas clothes dryers are economical and come with a variety of useful amenities.

Save Energy, Save Money

One of the ways today‚Äôs natural gas dryers have become more energy efficient is by using electronic ignitions systems.  This way, the dryer does not require a continuously burning pilot light.   

Take Care of Your Clothes 

All new natural gas dryers include energy-efficient automatic termination.  A moisture sensing cycle measures the moisture left in the laundry and stops the dryer when the clothes are dry.  This means less wear and tear on your clothes due to over-drying. 

On many new dryers you can select the level of dryness.  If you want to iron clothes when they are slightly damp, the dryer can be set at that level.  If you want to make sure the clothes are completely dry, you can set the dryer to produce a very dry load.  Natural gas dryers shut of automatically and the heat stops immediately.  

For Best Results 

Choose an dryer that suits the volume of clothes you typically dry  Regular or large gas dryers can handle average family loads.  Extra large gas dryers are designed to handle very large loads and bulky household items, such as comforters.   

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