Rate Information

To learn more about a particular rate, download a description (PDF) of it’s availability and charges.  For your convenience, we also have our complete Tariff (PDF) online, as well as a schedule of rates in English and Spanish.

 Rate Code  Rate Title  Effective
Definitions 01/01/14
RATE RSG 04/01/17
RATE RSH 04/01/17
RATE RSH-SE 01/01/14
RATE RMDS 11/01/17
RATE RMDS-SE 11/01/17
RATE SGS 11/01/17
RATE SGS-SE 11/01/17
RATE GS 11/01/17
RATE GS-SE 11/01/17
RATE LGS 11/01/17
RATE LGS-SE 11/01/17
RIDER SC 11/01/08
RIDER MFG 09/01/10
RIDER ED 11/01/08
RIDER MED 11/01/08
RATE IS 08/12/11
RATE NGV 08/12/11
RATE TRS 08/12/11
TRS Appendix 08/12/11
RATE BAL 08/12/11
RATE STB 08/12/11
RATE STO 08/12/11
RATE LH 08/12/11
RIDER DG 01/01/14
RATE CR 08/12/11
RATE PK 08/12/11
RATE AS-AVAIL 08/12/11

Rules and Regulations 

Review the Rules and Regulations(PDF) that apply to all gas rates, appliance leases, and the supply of gas service, effective August 12, 2011.

 Rules and Regulations
Appendix A to Rules and Regulation  
Appendix B to Rules and Regulations
Appendix C to Rules and Regulations

Load Curtailment Plan 

The Load Curtailmant Plan(PDF) will be implemented in the event of a shortfall in gas supply, effective April 1, 2007.