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It has never been easier to switch to natural gas. Whether you have a boiler or a hot air furnace, there are rebates and incentives - and even financing options - that can help you make the switch.

Year round, we work with national manufacturers and local distributors to bring heating system rebates to potential customers in our service area. And when you install a qualifying high efficiency unit, you can also receive an instant discount of up to $750 from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, an Energize Connecticut partner. To add to your savings, CNG matches local distributor rebates for some models.

With equipment rebates, low-rate financing, and savings on your heating costs, converting to natural gas makes sense!

Boiler Rebates: Current combined rebates and instant discounts range from $125 to $1,750 per unit.  Read more...


Furnace Rebates: Current combined rebates and instant discounts range up to $1,250 per unit. Read more...


Water Heater Rebates: Current combined rebates and instant discounts range up to $600 per unit. Read more...

Financing: Current financing options range from 0.00% to 7.99%. Read more...


Contact Us: Arrange a free consultation with one of our residential sales representatives. Contact us now...

Note: In most cases it makes sense to choose the same type of boiler or furnace system you currently use to heat your home. That way you will only need to switch the heating unit, and NOT the existing baseboard or ductwork.

Not sure which heating equipment you have?

- Hot water or steam generated from a boiler is circulated throughout the house through pipes to radiators, baseboard radiators, or radiant floor systems. 

Furnace - Heats air and uses a blower motor to distribute the heated air throughout the house through ducts, to vents or registers in the walls, floors or ceilings of each room. Furnaces are also called forced hot air systems.

If you have questions about these rebates please call CNG at 1-855-926-4427.




It is easy to apply online for your CNG matching rebate. You’ll need:
✓ Your contractor invoice that shows:

  • Date of purchase
  • Manufacturer, make and model numbers
  • Total equipment and installation costs

✓ A copy of your recent gas utility bill (if available)

Apply online now!


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