Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig

The service is free, it's easy to use and it's the law! Call 800.922.4455 or visit

Damage prevention is everyone's responsibility.  Whether you're a contractor excavating for a large project or a homeowner installing a mailbox, anyone who conducts earth moving activities should contact Call Before You Dig before starting.

Go to the organization’s Web site for the most current information about underground utility damage prevention including "pre-marking" requirements.

State laws require anyone who digs to notify utility companies at least 2 business days (but not more than 10) before starting any project that requires underground construction. 

Dig Safe tips to follow before starting your next project:

  1. Plan for gas utility conflicts as part of all underground construction.
  2. Mark out the area of construction.
  3. Properly notify the central clearing-house; call Call Before You Dig at 800.922.4455.
  4. Provide adequate training and supervision on a job site to assure that good construction practices are followed.
  5. Properly maintain all underground utilities markings.
  6. Hand dig in the area of underground gas facilities.
  7.  Provide adequate protection and support for gas facilities.
  8. Notify the gas company if a gas facility is damaged or disturbed so they can make repairs if required.
  9. Use and properly install suitable backfill material around gas facilities.
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