Choose a Supplier (Commercial)

Choose a Supplier (Commercial)

Energy Choice

CNG’s commercial customers can purchase their natural gas supply from CNG or one of many other suppliers, also known as marketers, Energy Services Companies or ESCOs. Whether or not you choose to select a third-party supplier, CNG will continue to deliver your natural gas reliably and safely.

CNG is your energy delivery company. Whether you purchase your natural gas supply from CNG or a  marketer  other than CNG, CNG will continue to deliver your energy safely and reliably. If you have a natural gas emergency or you have questions regarding your energy delivery service, CNG will be there for you.


A series of "deregulation" proceedings by the federal government during the early 1990s resulted in partially deregulated natural gas markets in Connecticut. Since April 1996, firm transportation service has been available to commercial and industrial customers in the state. Transportation service allows customers to buy gas from third-party marketers but still have the regulated local utility company (like CNG) continue to deliver the gas. Prior to April 1996, CNG was the only source responsible for buying and delivering gas to its customers.

Questions to Ask

Before you select a marketer for your business, consider their answers to the following questions: 

  • What is your charge per therm for energy supply?
  • Is this a fixed charge or does it vary depending on: market price, time-of-day or use?
  • What is the length of the agreement?
  • Is there a security deposit, cancellation fee or other fees?
  • Do you have any incentives for signing up with you?
  • Do you guarantee savings?
  • When will I be billed for energy supply and are your charges included in my CNG bill?
  • What procedures are in place if I have a question or a complaint with you as my supplier?

Natural Gas Suppliers

Review our list of approved natural gas marketers to see whether one is right for you.

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