Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about what happens during a repair service? Wondering what your options are to pay your bill? Find your answers, and others, below.


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To update your payment information, please perform the following steps:

  1. Please sign-in to My Account and click on the “Billing Tab"
  2. Select "Payments" from the top menu bar
  3. Scroll and select "View Payment Accounts"
  4. Delete your method of payment (Bank/Credit Card)
  5. Add your new credit card and/or bank account information

Please note: Any recurring payment profiles must also be updated to reflect the changes.

If you are not receiving your email notification that your bill is ready, please check your spam/junk folder to ensure your email client is not blocking our email notification.  Also, check that your bill preference setting is set for e-bill, not paper bill.

To setup recurring payments, please perform the following steps:

  1. Please sign-in to My Account and click "Pay"
  2. Select "Payments" from the top menu bar
  3. Scroll and select "View Recurring Payments"
  4. Click "Add Recurring Payments"
  5. Complete the online form to set up your recurring

If you've forgotten your user id or password, go to the login page for My Account. In the My Account login box (on the left) select the "Forgot User Id" or "Forgot Password" link. You'll be asked to enter information to validate you are the account holder.

Once your identity has been verified, an email will be sent to your email address with your requested information.

To update your bank and/or credit card information, please perform the following steps:

  1. Please sign-in to My Account and click "Pay"
  2. Select "Payments" from the top menu bar
  3. Scroll and select "View Payment Accounts"
  4. Select "Edit" for your method of payment (Bank/Credit Card)
  5. Edit your payment information accordingly

Enrolling in My Account allows you to pay your utility bill at no charge using a checking/savings account or credit card. To enroll in My Account, you will need the following information from your bill:

  • Account Number
  • Customer Name Key
    (When entering your Customer Name Key, enter the information in capital letters, exactly as it appears on your bill.  When entering your account number, do not include dashes or spaces)
  • Mailing Address (where the bill is mailed to)

Once enrolled, you can add additional accounts to your profile and add banking and/or credit card information. If you choose to pay your bill online, you will stop receiving bills in the mail.  Instead, you will receive an email notifying you when your bill is ready.  You can still view and print your current and past bills from My Account.

To view your bill in My Account, please upgrade to the latest browser version supported by your operating system and adjust your browser settings to allow third-party cookies. Safari users will need to un-check “Block cross-site tracking."

For the fastest way to view and pay your bill, download our mobile app in the App Store or Google Play Store. The links to the app stores are at the bottom of all pages.

When you click a button on our website to "View Bill," a document in Portable Document Format (PDF) is added to your downloads folder of your computer or device. For instructions on how to manage downloads in your browser, it is best to use the help feature. Here are some links that may also be helpful for the most popular browsers: 

Emails are sent instantly; if you have not received the email with your Username yet, check your spam folder.

To change your My Account password log in to My Account and click on the "Profile" tab. Select the Change password option, enter your new password and click the update button.

Please note: Your new password must be at least six characters and use a mix of letters, numbers and characters. Passwords are case sensitive.

Reset password emails are sent instantly, if you have not received the reset password email yet, check your spam folder.

Connecticut Natural Gas offers several convenient ways to pay your bill.  Select the payment method most convenient for you.

Pay Online

By enrolling in My Account, you can view and pay your CNG bill online.

Make a "One-Time Payment" Online

You can make one-time payment  using a credit/debit card or your bank account. 

Mail Your Payment

Please make your check payable to the Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation and mail to:

Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation | P.O. Box 847820 | Boston, MA 02284-7820

Please include your account number on your check or money order and allow sufficient time for your payment to be received and processed by CNG.

No Fee Payment Agents

We have expanded our network of authorized payment centers for your convenience. Our walk-in locations make paying your bill in person convenient, fast, safe and reliable. Our authorized payment agents are conveniently located throughout our service territory and, you'll save time by using the location closest to home. There is no fee to use these locations.

Once you make payment on your account, it is not necessary to call in your payment and receipt information as this information is automatically posted to your account. However, if you make your payment on the "Due Date" it might not post until the following business day.  Please pay your bill before the due date to avoid late payment charges or service interruption.

It’s easy to reduce your energy use and save money by starting with no-cost and low-cost changes . Getting started is as simple as adopting a few new habits and making time for quick and easy projects around the house.

Find ways to save on energy costs and create an energy profile for your home and/or business with our online bill analysis , where you analyze and graph your energy usage and see what impacts your bill monthly.

Energize Connecticut and ENERGY STAR® are also great resources for energy saving tips.

As a Connecticut renter, you can benefit from technical advice and rebates through the Home Energy Solutions program. 

You can also with use our online bill analysis , where you analyze and graph your energy usage, see what impacts your bill monthly, find ways to save on energy costs and create an energy profile for your home and/or business.

Yes, CNG encourages natural gas customers to improve their homes’ energy consumption. Funding is available for energy assessments, weatherization, insulation, high-efficiency gas heating and hot water systems. See the Smart Energy section for details.

Operation Fuel is a private, non-profit Connecticut corporation that provides emergency energy assistance to people within the state of Connecticut who are in financial crisis and who are not eligible for government assistance. Funds are distributed through a volunteer network of nearly 60 fuel banks throughout Connecticut.

CNG customers can support Operation Fuel by adding $1 their monthly bill payment and CNG will match 50% of this tax-deductible contribution.  To contribute more than $1, please call our Customer Care Center.  Our representatives will set up a recurring payment for any amount you designate.  This recurring donation will appear on your monthly statement.  Remember, your monthly contribution is tax-deductible and CNG will match 50% of this tax-deductible contribution up to a total annual company donation of $25,000.

You can make donations directly to Operation Fuel.

Or you can mail a donation directly to:

  • Operation Fuel | One Regency Drive, Suite 200 | Bloomfield, CT 06002 |


During a Home Energy Solutions (HES) visit, a utility-certified technician will evaluate your home’s energy performance and install energy-saving measures such as sealing air leaks and installing energy-efficient lighting, faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads. The technicians will also provide written recommendations for deeper energy-saving measures such as insulation, high-efficiency heating and cooling, water heating, windows and appliances. To help you in making smart energy choices, your recommendations will include information on rebates and financing along with payback and investment information specific to your home. For more information, please visit the Home Energy Solutions page.

More than half of the energy used in your home goes to heating, cooling and hot water. So making smart decisions about these systems in your home can have a big effect on your utility bills — and your comfort. We offer several solutions and rebates to help you find and install the high-efficiency energy equipment that is right for you.

We recommend you start with Home Energy Solutions . Your home’s energy performance will be assessed by energy professionals and you’ll receive about $1,000 in on-the-spot energy fixes - like sealing air leaks, energy-efficient lighting, and more.

The fee* for all of this is just $75 for all eligible customers.

Rebates and financing are available for insulation, high-efficiency heating/cooling, WI-FI thermostats, water heating, windows, and appliances.

You can also get started with our online bill analysis , where you analyze and graph your energy usage, see what impacts your bill monthly, find ways to save on energy costs and create an energy profile for your home and/or business.

There is no better time to think of energy efficiency and renewable energy than when you are building a new house or making major renovations. Exciting advancements in technology and building techniques can make your home more efficient and comfortable. Investments you make in energy-efficient insulation, heating and air conditioning, water heating, lighting and appliances and renewable energy systems can pay off through lower energy costs.

CNG offers several solutions to help you. For example, the Residential New Construction program, offers expert guidance from energy specialists who can inform you about the range of equipment and material options available and rebates on energy-efficient measures including, ENERGY STAR® for Homes Certification, insulation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and hot water heaters.

Medical protection is available to residential customers or family members within the household with a serious or life-threatening medical condition.

A medical protection designation protects a residential utility customer from shut off from November 1 through May 1 (serious illness designation) or year-round (life-threatening designation) if the residential customer or someone in their household has a medical condition that requires continuation of utility service.

Please see our fact sheet for how to apply for a medical protection designation.

Your physician/APRN/PA can use the Medical Web Portal to complete the certification form.

The following information will be required in order to obtain the physician/APRN/PA's verification and protect your service:

  • Physician/APRN/PA’s name
  • Physician/APRN/PA’s address
  • Physician/APRN/PA’s telephone numbers – office and fax
  • Name of the patient

CNG will fax a "Physician/APRN/PA Certificate" to the physician/APRN/PA for verification of the medical or life support needs. Upon receipt of the physician/APRN/PA's verification, CNG will mark your account accordingly, based on the information your physician/APRN/PA provides.

Visit the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority website.

CNG offers several programs to assist customers financially with their bill. In addition, there are a variety of state programs that may be able to provide you with financial assistance with your utility bill.  

Connecticut Natural Gas Assistance Programs

  • Winter Protection Program - CNG offers winter protection to all our customers that qualify. If you meet eligibility requirements, we will not turn off your electricity between November 1 and May 1. The Winter Protection Plan must be renewed annually, beginning in October. To prevent your service from being shut-off after May 1, contact CNG to setup a payment arrangement.
  • Matching Payment Plan - For families that qualify, CNG will match every dollar paid by you or on your behalf (up to a zero balance) if you successfully complete the plan.  So, you pay a portion, energy assistance pays a portion and we pay a portion.  Bottom line: you may have to pay for only about one-third of your gas heating expense if you qualify.  Eligibility is based on income and assets.  Call us at 860.727.3034 or InfoLine at 2-1-1 to learn more.
  • Flexible Payment Arrangements - We will work with you if you are having trouble paying your electric bill. We offer flexible payment arrangements for all customers needing assistance. These arrangements can be spread out up to 18 months for residential customers and 6 months for non-residential customers. Current payment arrangements may be renegotiated due to a change in financial circumstances Per Conn. Agencies Reg. § 16-3-100(b)(3)(A). These arrangements may be discussed confidentially by calling our Customer Care Center at 860.524.8361 (Greater Hartford) or 203.869.6900 (Greenwich)

State Assistance Programs

  • Info Line - 2-1-1 InfoLine is a single source for information about community services, referrals to human services, and crisis intervention. It is accessed toll-free from anywhere in Connecticut by simply dialing 2-1-1. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. TDD access and multilingual caseworkers are available.
  • Operation Fuel - This is a statewide program that brings emergency energy assistance to families facing an economic crisis during the entire year. You can add a dollar or more to your monthly bill and CNG will match your contribution 50%.
  • Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) - The federally-funded Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) is designed to help low-income households pay their winter heating bills. CEAP is not designed to pay total heating costs. Households must plan to pay a part of the bill themselves. CEAP applications are handled by the local Community Action Agency (CAA).

Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies are intake centers for energy assistance applications and assist you with finding financial assistance for your energy bills. Visit for a list of Community Action Agencies in the state.

Before digging on your property, please contact "Call Before You Dig" (CBYD) at 800.922.4455, or visit for more information.

Use your senses to detect gas leaks.  A natural gas leak is usually recognized by smell, sight, or sound. Remember, if you smell natural gas, get up, get out and call us immediately from a neighbor's phone.

  • Smell
    Natural gas is colorless and odorless. For your safety, a distinctive, pungent odor, similar to rotten eggs, is added so that you'll recognize it quickly. Not all transmission lines are odorized.
  • Sight
    You may see a white cloud, mist, fog, bubbles in standing water or blowing dust. You may also see vegetation that appears to be dead or dying for no apparent reason.
  • Sound
    You may hear an unusual noise like roaring, hissing, or whistling.
    If you suspect a gas leak get up, go outside and call CNG from a neighbor's phone toll free at 866.924.5325 or call 911 for your local fire department.  CNG will respond quickly to ensure that you and your family are safe.
  • Do not operate electrical switches or appliances. These items may produce a spark that might ignite the gas and cause an explosion.
  • Do not use a telephone.
  • Do not light a match or smoke and extinguish any open flames.
  • Do not assume someone else will report the condition.
  • Do not open windows and doors to ventilate the area.
  • Provide CNG with the exact location, including cross streets.

Let us know if sewer construction or digging activities are going on in the area.

Yes. Most natural gas equipment vent from the roof but some vent from other parts of your home, such as the sidewall.  Periodically check outside your home to make sure your furnace, water heater, dryer, or fireplace vents are not blocked by snow and/or ice.

Pressure regulators and relief valves have a pressure relief vent that must be capable of venting gas safely to open air.  When a pressure regulator is located inside a building the vent must be piped to an area outside of the building so if it operates it will vent safely to free air.

Yes. Snow and ice can block gas services valves and make it difficult for first responders to turn off the gas to a building in the event of a fire or gas leak.  Pressure regulators and relief vents can also become blocked.  If this occurs, an over-pressurization or under-pressurization could result in a hazardous condition for customers.

The company employs highly qualified service representatives who are licensed to meet all of your gas appliance repair needs.  We maintain 24-hour emergency staffing, seven days a week.

Appointments for non-emergency appliance repai r are available to suit your schedule. We offer two-hour window appointments and limited after hour and Saturday scheduling. Our service vans are equipped with an inventory of commonly needed parts at competitive pricing.

Need repairs? Call 860.524.8361 or, in the Greenwich area call 203.869.6900.

Service Plans for repairs to most gas appliances are available. In the absence of an active service plan, repairs are available at our hourly rates. CNG will respond immediately to reports of gas odors or possible leaks at no charge.

Need repairs? Call 860.524.8361 or, in the Greenwich area call 203.869.6900.

The company provides warranty on Parts and labor associated with service performed by our Technicians guaranteed for 30 days. Replacement of defective parts is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

At CNG, we want to make the process of starting or stopping service simple and convenient for our customers.

Please call CNG's Customer Care Center and someone will assist you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all gas Rates. A copy of CNG's Rules and Regulations are on file with the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.

A written application for meter installation and supply of gas will be required from each customer for each meter installed. CNG may reject an application of a former customer who is indebted to CNG.

  • Only authorized representatives of CNG or its agents have the right to turn on, turn off, connect or disconnect a meter or service pipe; or repair maintain or disconnect other property owned by the company.
  • Gas service is sold upon the express condition that it shall be supplied exclusively by CNG and that the customer shall not directly or indirectly sell, sublet, assign or otherwise dispose of the gas or any part thereof without the written consent of CNG.

Commercial customers to whom service is being supplied may be required to pay a deposit sum equal to the estimated maximum bill for 90 days. Deposits shall be returned (1) where satisfactory credit has been established, or (2) upon termination of service, less any amount then due, together with accrued interest. Simple interest at the deposit index rate established annually in accordance with Public Act 93-242, will be allowed on all deposits from date of deposit.

Because it burns cleaner and is more efficient, natural gas is better for the environment, and natural gas efficiency programs can save energy and reduce carbon emissions even more.

With natural gas, there is no need for a storage tank. This allows customers to free-up space in their basements, and for tanks that are underground, costly liabilities can be avoided from tank removal. Most natural gas is produced in North America so there is less dependence on foreign oil.

Unlike the electric grid which consists of wires and poles, natural gas is delivered via underground pipeline that generally is not affected by storms such as Sandy. However, most heating systems require electricity to operate fans, pumps and the distribution of heat so you may want to consider a natural gas generator.

Further, there is no need for delivery trucks to get through blocked roads or for you to maintain oil tanks in your home.

There is no weather normalization fee as part of the rate structure for gas companies in Connecticut. Therefore, if the weather is warmer, and you use less energy to heat your home, you save money. It's as simple as that!

Yes. With natural gas you benefit from both price and efficiency. Whether for the home or business, natural gas is the most efficient choice. So look beyond which energy source costs more (or less) from year to year and do consider system efficiency.

Natural gas furnaces & boilers are up to 96% efficient. What's more, natural gas boilers maintain high efficiency ratings and offer higher combustion efficiency over time without loss of efficiency due to soot build up inside the boiler as a result of burning oil.

The Home Energy Solutions program is a great place to start finding ways to save energy at home. It's a home energy assessment performed by a utility-authorized contractor who makes on-the-spot improvements, including caulking and sealing of critical air leaks and provides exclusive money-saving rebates on appliances, heating and cooling systems and more. A modest fee is collected at the time of service and your income may be eligible for a free energy assessment. Call 877.WISE.USE (877.947.3873) to speak with an energy professional during business hours.

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