Understand Your Usage

Understanding your energy use can help put you in control of your monthly bills. With natural gas costs expected to increase in the coming months, you can prepare by using these tips to reduce your energy use while maintaining your comfort. Budget Billing can also help balance seasonal energy costs over the year. If you or someone you know is having trouble paying their bill – we are here to help with programs, payment plans and assistance available.

Your monthly bill is affected by the price of energy and the amount of energy you use. Your energy costs include the delivery cost from your utility and the gas supply cost. As your energy delivery company, we build and maintain a safe, reliable system to deliver your energy supply to you. The supply charge is what you pay your supplier for the energy you use. At CNG we purchase energy supply on behalf of our customers and pass through without profit. While we have no control over the actual price of energy, we do purchase and store natural gas supplies to help buffer some of the market changes in energy prices throughout the year to provide our customers with the best possible prices.

How much natural gas you use varies from day to day and month to month, depending upon a variety of factors including how many people are in your home, your daily habits, the weather, and the time of year. 

Now that cooler months are here, stay comfortable while understanding energy costs

Here are some tips to reduce your energy use and maintain your comfort this heating season:

  • Set the thermostat as low as comfort permits. Each degree above 68º F can use 3% more energy.
  • Install a programmable or wi-fi thermostat to automatically control your heating and save money by lowering the temperature when you’re not home.
  • Clean or replace furnace filters as recommended and have your furnace burner checked and cleaned annually by a contractor. A well cleaned and tuned heating system saves you money.
  • Set your water heater at 120 degrees F (Many are preset at 140 degrees F).

Budget Billing

Your energy costs will be spread evenly over 12 months so you know how much your bill will be every month. You can enroll, increase or cancel your Budget Billing installments at cngcorp.com or by calling 860.524.8361, or, in the Greenwich area call 203.869.6900, to speak to one of our Customer Care representatives. 

Sign up for Budget Billing.

Energy Analyzer

Track and understand your energy use. With Energy Analyzer you can create a checklist of ways to save and get helpful tips for managing your natural gas use.

Home Energy Solutions

Whether you rent or own your home, a home energy assessment and on the spot weatherization services can make your home more comfortable and help reduce your energy use. The average home in Connecticut receives about $1,200 in services through energy saving measures such as sealing air leaks and installing faucet aerators. We’ll even provide additional recommendations including insulation, high-efficiency heating and cooling, water heating and appliances that come with available rebates and financing. You may be eligible for free weatherization services through our Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible program, or a $50 co-pay. 

Get started by visiting getenergysmart.com, completing a Home Energy Solutions online application or call 877.WISE.USE (877.947.3873).