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online account access

     If you are a CNG Customer, or have received authorization from a CNG Customer, you can access account information online.  Access this information directly from our Customer Information System (CIS). To access account information, you'll need three (3) pieces of information that appear on your most recent bill. 

     If you need help locating this information on the bill please click the "Help" button below. Enter the required information below, then click "Display" or check the "Download" box and click "Display" to generate an electronic file (ASCII CSV format) to import into other software/applications. If you make a mistake click "Clear" and try again.

  Account Number: (Do not include the "-" in the account number)
  Statement Date: (Type exactly as printed on bill: MM/DD/YY)
  Current Meter Reading:  
  Meter Number:  
  Download File:    
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