High Efficiency Furnace and Gas Boiler Program

High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnace, Natural Gas Boiler and Boiler Circulator Pump Instant Discount Program

$35 - $750 instant discount!

Reduce your home heating costs with a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or boiler. You’ll enjoy clean, reliable heat and receive an instant discount of up to $750 when you install a qualifying natural gas furnace, natural gas boiler or a boiler circulator pump.

Achieve efficiencies as high as 97 percent!

In most homes, heating is the single biggest energy expense. Replacing your old furnace, boiler or boiler circulator pump with new high-efficiency heating equipment can take a bite out of your energy costs, plus make your home more comfortable. Older furnace and boiler systems have efficiencies in the range of 56 to 70 percent. High-efficiency heating systems achieve efficiencies as high as 97 percent, converting nearly all the fuel to useful heat for your home. That can mean big savings!

Before you invest in a new furnace, boiler, or boiler circulator pump, make your home as energy efficient as possible. Improving insulation and sealing air leaks to stop heat loss may allow you to purchase a smaller, less expensive heating system. Our Home Energy Solutions program can help you identify and make energy-saving improvements that are right for your home.

To Receive Your Instant Discount*:

  • Prior to purchase, confirm your system qualifies for the discount with your HVAC contractor or by checking the minimum efficiency chart below and at the ENERGY STAR® website: ENERGYSTAR.gov/products.
  • Have your licensed contractor provide a quote for qualified equipment from an EnergizeCT.com listed participating distributor that includes the instant discount.
  • Finally have your licensed contractor purchase and install qualified equipment from a participating distributor. It’s that easy!

Instant discounts are valid for Connecticut Natural Gas residential customers who purchase and install* a qualifying:

  • Natural gas furnace
  • Natural gas boiler
  • Boiler circulator pump

*Qualifying equipment must be installed between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Multiple discounts for the same unit (equipment serial number) will not be accepted. 


Replacement Equipment Minimum Efficiency Levels / Instant Discount

Eligible Equipment Minimum Efficiency1 Instant Discount2
Natural Gas Warm Air Furnace3 ENERGY STAR®4 certified 95% AFUE5 or greater and AHRI Rated with ECM6 $650
Natural Gas Boiler ENERGY STAR certified 94% AFUE or greater with Temperature Reset or Purge Control $750
Boiler Circulator Pump Boiler circulator pump with ECM installed on any fuel boiler $35


1 Minimum Efficiency required for instant discount.
2 Instant discount per unit..
3 Eligible natural gas furnace installation outside of Eversource and UI territory is only eligible for a $550 instant discount.
4 ENERGY STAR certified equipment lists can be found online by visiting ENERGYSTAR.gov/products
5 AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
6 ECM - Electronically Commutated Motor


This program is one of several innovative solutions offered by the Energy Efficiency Fund, an Energize CT partner, and administered by CNG. For more information call 877.WISE.USE (877.947.3873).