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Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation Telemetering Requirements

Telemetering equipment is required for all rates that contain provisions that require usage information for periods other than those used in monthly cycle billing (rate schedules IS, LGS and GS. Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation (CNG) maintains ownership of the telemetering devices and is responsible for their ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting.

About the Devices

CNG's vendor for telemetering devices is Itron/Metscan Inc. Presently three types of units are installed to measure consumption; CID-30®s, CMD-20®s, and CMD-2000®s. The type of unit for a particular location is selected based on the type of phone line present and whether or not the Customer's meter is pressure compensated.

Phone Line

A standard voice grade phone line capable of making outside telephone calls is required. The Customer is responsible for the cost of installing and maintaining the phone line. The customer may use a single phone line to serve multiple meters if the phone line can be physically run to the meters. Failure by the customer to maintain this line connected to the telemetering device will jeopardize their tariff compliance and may cause the customer to incur incremental costs, or ultimately require the customer to switch to an alternate tariff schedule that does not require telemetering. In the event of a phone line failure, the Customer will be afforded a five-day cure period (after notification by CNG) in which to have the phone line repaired. Note to phone line installers: the standard voice grade phone line capable of making external phone calls should be terminated outside the building near CNG's gas meter. There should be sufficient phone line coiled to reach CNG's gas meter or telemetering equipment (if present). Finally, the end of the phone line should be cut and does not require a phone jack of any kind since it will be hardwired into the Itron/Metscan device.

Dedicated vs. Shared Phone Lines

The Customer may choose between using either a dedicated or a shared phone line for the telemetering equipment. The advantages of a dedicated phone line are that communications are often more reliable and consumption information can be provided to the Gas Marketer and/or Customer within several hours of the close of the gas day. This provides the Gas Marketer and/or Customer the best opportunity to adjust the level of supplies received for the Customer with the Customer's expected gas usage to minimize the costs associated with transportation service. Shared phone lines cannot transmit consumption information when the phone line is being used by another individual or application (e.g. a fax machine or computer). This potentially presents a time lag in reporting the consumption information to the Marketer and/or Customer to act upon. From a Customer's perspective there are two disadvantages associated with a dedicated phone line. The first is that a time lag may be introduced by the Phone Company that delays the start of transportation service. The second disadvantage associated with a dedicated phone line is that additional expenses will be incurred by the Customer initially and

on a monthly basis associated with dedicated telecommunications service. The Customer should take these advantages/disadvantages into consideration when choosing between dedicated and shared phone lines for the telemetering equipment.

Telephone Line Notification / Telemetering Installation

Once the Customer, or the Marketer acting on the Customer's behalf, has installed/activated the required phone line (or extension) then CNG should be notified by sending in the required enrollment form (TEA). Typically, CNG will install the telemetering equipment within two business days after receiving the Transportation Election Agreement.

Telephone Numbers

Since the Metscan units are programmed to call into CNG, we do not keep a record of the phone numbers connected to the Metscan device. CNG recommends that the customer make a note of the phone line being used since that line may require maintenance at a later time.

Electricity Requirements

None. The Itron/Metscan units used by CNG are battery powered telemetering devices. At this time no requirements exist for the customer to install A/C power for these units.

Customer Access to Consumption Information

Historic usage information can be accessed by the customer, and/or an authorized agent acting on the customer's behalf, with daily consumption information under rate schedules IS, LGS and GS.

If you have any questions on this, please call our Transportation Hotline at (860) 727-3300.

CID-30®/CMD-20® /CMD-2000® are registered trademarks of Itron/Metscan Inc.

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