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Reading your meter is an easy way to avoid estimated bills.

We read most meters every month. Some meters, because of their location, are not always accessible by our employees and, therefore, it is sometimes necessary to estimate a gas reading. Estimated bills are based on the amount of energy used for a similar period the previous year. Any difference between actual and estimated use is corrected the next time CNG reads the meter.

Sending us a meter reading using our online form or the meter reading hotline is an easy way to avoid estimated bills.  Another alternative to having your bill estimated is to provide us with a key that will allow access to our metering equipment. Customers can be assured that we maintain tight security for all keys in our possession.


>>Need help reading your meter?

Note: If you read the meter, keep in mind that we need periodic access to the meter. Allow us to verify your readings and make sure the meter is working properly.


Provide your readings by using our:

>> Online meter reading form


Automated Account Line
The automated voice messaging system is activated by calling (860) 727-3400 or in the Greenwich area (1-800) 437-0444. Naturally, your reading can be called in at anytime during the day or night.

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