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Natural gas is an affordable, convenient, domestic, environmentally friendly and versatile flexible fuel source.


It’s no wonder that natural gas appliances increase the value of a home. From cozy natural gas fireplaces to worry-free natural gas heating systems to an endless supply of hot water from a tankless natural gas water heater, natural gas has it covered.  Here are just a few of its benefits:


Natural gas is one of the most affordable forms of energy available today.  Using natural gas to heat your home is currently less expensive than oil and with access to a multitude of energy effiicient gas appliances, the savings can continue to multiply.  See how much less expensive with our Energy Calculator.



Natural gas is America's most dependable energy source.  It's piped directly to your home, so it's always there when you need it. 



Over 90% of natural gas used in the U.S.A. comes from North America and supplies are abundant.



Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel around, making it better for the environment than other fuels.  And it's better for your home, leaving no soot, no smell, no messy spills or residue.



Natural gas simplifies your life because it does so much.  It's ideal for home heating, hot water, cooking and clothes drying.  It'll even run a cozy fireplace in the winter and your grill in the summer.


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In this issue:

  • Bring comfort and ambiance to outdoor gatherings.
  • Count on Natural Gas for clean and affordable energy.
  • Natural Gas-Powered Generators.
  • Recipes – Emeril’s Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole – TASTY!

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