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Natural Gas energy calculator

Use the energy calculator specific to your current home heating fuel type to determine how much you can save if you Go Natural Gas!

You can also utilize our Cost to Switch worksheet to help calculate any costs associated with installing new natural gas equipment.


Natural Gas vs. Oil

Number of gallons of oil used in the last year:  
Average price per gallon of oil*: $
Projected annual cost of oil: $
Projected monthly cost of oil: $
Natural gas equivalent cost per gallon**: $
Estimated annual cost of natural gas: $
Estimated monthly cost of natural gas: $
Estimated projected annual savings using natural gas: $
Estimated projected monthly savings using natural gas: $


Need to finance your new equipment?
Use the loan calculator below to determine your new monthly costs.

Amount Financed: $
Annual Percentage Rate (APR):  %
Term (in Years):  
Monthly Periodic Rate  
Monthly Payments  
Minimum Payment: $

With your monthly savings of: $

And a monthly loan fee of:      $

You will save approximately  $
each month on your energy bill until your loan is paid off. 

(A negative value indicates an additional amount over and above the “Projected monthly cost of oil for the term of the loan.”)

* For purposes of this calculation, you can assume that the "Average price per gallon" of oil is the price from your most recent oil bill.

** The natural gas equivalent price of oil for Connecticut Natural Gas is calculated using the average price per ccf of natural gas for a typical CNG home from April 1, 2017, through March 31, 2018, and multiplying it by a heat content adjustment factor of 1.4. All transportation and delivery charges are reflected in this price. It is based on a typical home using 1,000 ccf annually and on a Residential Heating System Expansion Off-Main rate.

Using the "Current Market Price per Gallon" of oil for this calculation of projected savings does not imply that the current market price for either fuel will be the market price going forward. The market prices of oil and natural gas in the future months may be the same as, higher or lower than the current prices for each commodity.

Please note that this calculator is provided for reference purposes only. Energy savings are estimated and actual results may vary.

This calculation assumes that you are replacing your existing furnace or boiler with a new unit of the same efficiency. Most new furnaces and boilers are more efficient than the older models they replace resulting in greater savings.

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