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Your favorite television chef is cooking on a gas stovetop, and not just because of the visual effect: if you’re looking for accuracy and flexibility gas stoves are the way to go. Whether you’re mixing up delicate sauces inside or grilling steaks on the patio, natural gas appliances make it easy to add that special something to your cooking. 


Natural gas ranges offer unparalleled control for professional chefs worldwide.  Just as most professional chefs insist on cooking with natural gas, everyday cooks recognize that natural gas offers even heat and rapid temperature control.  You use your range almost every day, so you naturally want one with all the modern features that make cooking and cleaning easier. Features that make cleanup easy include sealed burners, removable control knobs, and porcelain drip pans under burners.  And you’ll want a cooktop that uses the most efficient, most economic energy available. That’s natural gas.


Gas ovens have lots of great features, including automatic ignition, self-cleaning or continuously cleaning capabilities, and smokeless broiling. One great new breakthrough is the convection gas oven that bakes and broils faster and less expensively than a conventional gas oven.


Don’t risk running out of fuel just before the your dinner’s ready: natural gas grills offer the advantage of an uninterrupted fuel supply.  There’s no need to store, transport or connect propane cylinders, and natural gas is much safer and convenient than charcoal.

did you know?

Natural gas ranges now use electronic spark ignitions instead of continuously burning pilot lights.  This new feature can save you as much as 30% on energy costs.

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